(Amy) Took time to explain the process and also gave good feedback regarding health goals and how to eat, elements to consider to increase one’s wellness moving forward.

Best colonic I have ever had.

It was a wonderful experience and Amy is a very special lady! I look forward to my 2nd and 3rd appointments:)

Very comfortable atmosphere!

Very comforting and accommodating for such a procedure. Definitely I’ll be back for more.

Amy was great! Great environment and very knowledgeable

Amy was very comforting and professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is very uncomfortable or nervous about the treatment. Her passion for her business and clients is above the norm of most business owners. I already scheduled a follow up appointment.

Very personal experience, the business owner is very knowledgable. 03/11/2012

Getting your colon cleaned out is not the most pleasant experience as you can imagine, and Amy Granger made me feel indredibly comfortable with her gentle manner, keen listening, expertise and genuine want to provide services that go above and beyond. If you are considering getting your first colonic or are a returning veteran, Amy is the choice.

Amy is ahhhhhhhmazing!!!!!! She has changed my life! This is not just a place to get the service done but rather a wholistic experience where she cares about your mental emotional and spiritual well being. Amazing!

Amy is very good at her craft. And very knowledgeable about sustaining healthy intestines. Definitely will return.

Amy is an amazing at what she does. She truly has a gift.

Amy was amazing!! I can’t wait to come back – highly recommended!!

I had never had this procedure done before so there was some anticipation, but Amy made the whole process relaxed, informative and I feel like a new woman today! If you hesitate, I suggest pushing yourself beyond your reservations and experience it. I learned so much about my health and now I have a game plan to get my energy back and avoid potential health problems down the road. Why did I wait so long???

“I have been privileged to utilize Amy Granger’s professional services during the past one and a half years in colon therapy. I have been very pleased with her exceptional, thorough style of therapeutic work. In the past 20 years, I have utilized other colon therapists, including British-educated, and none of the therapists were as concerned in regard to diet, herbs, and educational health factors. I can speak from my experience as a holistic nurse, that Colorado is lucky to have her as a health provider.”                                                   -Roberta S, R.N.

I utilized the services of Amy Granger several times. Each time I found her to be highly professional, even though the procedure is very personal in nature. She was careful to make sure that I was comfortable and stayed in dialogue with me throughout the procedure, explaining what was happening and encouraging me to ask questions. Her office was very clean, the instruments were sterile and I felt at ease with the whole procedure. I would highly recommend Amy’s services and consider her to be a reliable and skilled resource.” -Virginia H

“I always feel better after my colon irrigation at Love and Light. When I start to feel depressed I know it’s time to make another appointment. Amy is a skilled therapist who helps me be at ease during the session. She is knowledgeable in her craft and I appreciate her feedback, she knows when I haven’t drunken enough water or haven’t taken care of my liver, and she can also tell me if changes in my diet are working. Sometimes I go into a session feeling down, but I always come out of a session feeling light, and motivated to be a healthy person. It gives me a refreshed outlook on life.” -Matt B

“A few years back, after a bad infection and a round of antibiotics, I started to develop weird skin symptoms. I would occasional break out in hives or rashes, and also started to have some new mental fogginess. After a round of consultations with natural health practitioners, I figured out that I had a major issue with candida. After a specialized diet, the symptoms went away, only to be replaced by others. I went to visit Amy on the recommendation of a friend. After a few visits, she helped me figure out what had happened. While I had managed to kill off much of the candida, the new die-off had not left my body. We started a new personalized cleanse, which this time included a set of Colon therapy visits. It made the complete difference, and my health has dramatically improved. Amy provides great one-on-one health counseling, and helps come up with an individualized treatment plan. It made the difference for me!” -Josh B

“I have been doing a monthly liver cleanse based on the Andreas Moritz’s book, The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse, since October, 2009. As recommended by Moritz, I have been getting a colonic before and after each cleanse. Most of these have been with Amy Granger, of Love and Light Holistic Health Services. Amy wins my highest rating for colon hydro-therapists. Her services are reasonably priced, and from my first colonic to the most recent, she has made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She provides abdominal massage and aromatherapy throughout each session, and answers all my many questions patiently. I not only have become healthier, but have learned a great deal about my body. I highly recommend Amy’s services to anyone looking for a skilled practitioner.” -Margaret P

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